Chapter 1 What is Interaction Design?

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Chapter 1 What is Interaction Design? Door Mind Map: Chapter 1 What is Interaction Design?

1. Usability Goals

1.1. Effective to use

1.2. Efficient to use

1.3. Safe to use

1.4. Have good utility

1.5. Easy to learn

1.6. Easy to remember how to use

2. Understanding User Needs

2.1. What they want?

2.2. vs

2.3. What they need?

3. What is interaction design?

3.1. "Designing interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives." –Preece, Sharp and Rogers (2015)

3.2. "The design of spaces for human communication and interaction." –Winograd (1997)

4. Goals of interaction design

4.1. Develop usable products

4.2. Involve users in the design process

4.2.1. Top Priorities

4.2.2. Medium Priorities

4.2.3. Low Priorities

5. Types of Designs

5.1. Good

5.2. Bad

6. User Experience Goals

6.1. Desirable Aspects

6.2. Undesirable aspects