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1. Action

1.1. Action oriented

2. Data

2.1. Stored in human brains

2.2. Discourages the task delegation

2.3. "Dilemma of delegating

3. Variety and Interruption

3.1. Many meetings unexpected

3.2. Many interruptions

3.3. Difficulties to delegate work

3.4. Some prefer interruptions and deny themselves free time

4. Pace

4.1. Significant amount of work

4.2. Perpetual preoccupation

4.3. Responsible for the success of the unit

5. Internet

5.1. Allow to communicate more quickly

6. Emails

6.1. May be enhancing networks while weakening communities, within organization

7. Relation ships

7.1. Lateral relationships

7.2. Contact time with people external to their own units as suppliers, customers, partners

8. Soft commication

8.1. Informal communication

8.2. Telephone calls

8.3. Meetings

8.4. Emails