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1. Fine tuning the artist's artistic and business development

2. The Advertising and Media Department

2.1. Maximize efficiency and cost-savings across all companies

2.1.1. Scheduling, printing and selling of merchandise Fulfill the vision presented by distinct labels within the music group

2.2. Media planning and budgeting and buying

2.3. Media planning and budgeting and buying

3. A&R (Artist and Repertoire)

3.1. Talent scouting

3.2. Assisting with marketing and promotion

3.3. Signing new talent

3.4. Listening to demos, aligning artist with the right producers, offering creative input

3.5. Negotiating contracts and fees

3.6. Point of contact at the labels during contract negotiations

4. Product Development and Artist Development

4.1. Publicizing and promoting the artist through their entire career

4.2. Slowly growing the artists' careers over several album releases

4.3. Writing up a band agreement that defines issues related to running an artist's career as a business and working together as a band

4.4. Creating and consistently maintaining a clear and honest image

5. Legal Department

5.1. Overseeing all business transactions,contracts, and litigation

5.2. Ensures a unified strategy across all company's divisions

5.3. Draft recording contracts, and do the final negotiations

5.4. Development of corporate policies including the coordination of the company's government relations, trade, and piracy activities

5.5. Handles any legal actions, such as lawsuits between musicians, and the label

6. Artist Management

6.1. Secure the best work for the clients, for the best fee

6.2. Finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy

6.3. Managing media relations. On the artist behalf

6.4. Advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion

6.4.1. Promote the artists' careers and run the business affairs.