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1. Pricing

1.1. <1500 sq ft

1.1.1. $395 with $150 service call

1.1.2. $470 with $75 service call

1.2. 1500 - 2500 sq ft

1.2.1. $475 with $150 service call

1.2.2. $550 with $75 service call

1.3. 2501 - 3000 sq ft

1.3.1. $515 with $150 service call

1.3.2. $590 with $75 service call

1.4. 3001 - 4000 sq ft

1.4.1. $560 with $150 service call

1.4.2. $635 with $75 service call

1.5. 4001 - 5000 sq ft

1.5.1. $755 with $150 service call

1.5.2. $830 with $75 service call

1.6. 5001 - 6000 sq ft

1.6.1. $965 with $150 service call

1.6.2. $1040 with $75 service call

1.7. 6001 - 9,999 sq ft

1.7.1. 0.16 per sqft with $150 service call

1.8. 10,000 sq ft above

1.8.1. 0.19 per sq ft with $150 service call

2. Garage Doors

2.1. What's Covered

2.1.1. Door opener (standard grade) including motor, receiver board, relays, switches, drive trains, capacitors, push arm, track assembly, door hardware, infrared sensors, and chains.

2.2. Included Coverage

2.2.1. Springs, hinges, remote sending units, standard maintenance, and keypads.

2.3. Limits

2.3.1. • Aggregate limit is included in Electrical • Aggregate limit for door spring coverage is $250 • Repair deductible is $150.00

3. Termite Treatment

3.1. What's Covered

3.1.1. Provides coverage to treat for subterranean and drywood termites.

3.2. Limits

3.2.1. • Aggregate limit on termite treatment is $700 • Repair deductible is $150

4. For Sellers

4.1. Have your home pre-inspected with Property360 and get up to 180 days of free coverage while the home is actively listed. Upon the sale, provide the new buyer with 18 months of coverage! Homes which are pre-inspected and which include an 18 Month Warranty sell faster! Some restrictions apply.

5. For Realtors

5.1. Wouldn't you like to know there is warranty coverage for your Listings? Stop worrying about mechanical or plumbing breakage. If we provide a Pre-Listing Home Inspection and the Seller commits to our 18 Month Home Warranty offer, we will provide up to six months of free coverage with an active listing.

6. For Buyers

6.1. Order your home with Safe House Property Inspections and you will get our exclusive gap warranties (90 Day, RecallChek, SewerGard, Roof Leak Plan and our FREE concierge service. Plus, you are eligible for 18 months of warranty coverage for the price of 12! Plus, if the repair is needed within 90 Days of our home inspection, we will cover the deductible under our 90 Day Warranty if you purchased our Simple Home Warranty.

7. Pool and Spa $175

7.1. What's Covered

7.1.1. In-ground pool/spa mechanical systems, including above ground accessible piping, above ground accessible components of the pumping, heating, and filtration system, heaters, primary circulator pump and motor, relays, impellers, filters, back flush valves, pressure gauges, housings and laterals.

7.2. Limits

7.2.1. • Aggregate limit on pool/spa repairs is $500. for heaters and $500 for all other components • Repair deductible is $150.00

8. Frequently Ask Questions

8.1. How do I order?

8.1.1. Simply logon to:

8.2. How do I request service?

8.2.1. Simply call 844-367-0882 for pre-authorization

8.3. Who pays for what?

8.3.1. The policy holder is required to pay the deductible to the service contractor. If your preferred service contractor is "out of network", we will reimburse you for the pre-authorized repair cost.

8.4. Use your preferred contractor:

8.4.1. Get a pre-authorization for the repair, pay the deductible to the contractor and we will authorize your contractor to bill us or, you may pay your contractor and submit the bill to us for reimbursement less the deductible.

8.5. How long does it take to get paid?

8.5.1. We typically remit payments or reimbursements within 30 days.

8.6. What about pre-existing conditions?

8.6.1. With a qualifying home inspection, there are none.

8.7. What if I get a roof leak?

8.7.1. Our plan covers leaks to rolled roofing, composition shingles and flashing. Not covered by competing plans.

8.8. What about solar?

8.8.1. Solar heat systems are covered. Not covered by competing plans.

8.9. What is the deductible?

8.9.1. The standard deductible is $150.00. We recognize most competing plans have a slightly lower deductible of $100.00 to $125.00. Yes, it's higher but please consider the number of components we cover which the other plans do not. Things like water & sewer lines to the street, roof leaks, multiple appliances, permit fees and much more. You also receive six free additional months of service in your first year and you may use the contractor of your choice! You may also buy-down the deductible to $75. for $75.

8.10. How is the price calculated?

8.10.1. The price is calculated on the gross square footage of the residence. Gross square footage is determined by the total square feet which includes the garage.

8.11. Is the policy transferrable?

8.11.1. Yes. Simply call the office and provide the name/contact of the new owner.

8.12. Can I save with a multi-year warranty?

8.12.1. Yes! You can save $60 on the second year and$75 for years 3 and beyond.

8.13. How does this work for a Seller?

8.13.1. Listing coverage is the same with two exceptions: 1). Listing coverage does not include pre-existing conditions noted by your home inspector and, 2). the aggregate limit of liability is $500. The listing coverage is good up to 180 days as long as the home is marketed on the MLS. The repair deductible for listing coverage is $100. Per claim. Seller agrees to purchase a minimum one year Simple home warranty plan for their buyer.

9. It's Simple

10. HVAC

10.1. Whats' Covered

10.1.1. Central heat and AC systems to include forced air, heat pumps, heat exchangers, thermostats, accessible ductwork and gas lines, and geothermal.

10.2. Included Coverage

10.2.1. Furnace mounted humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, flues & vents, radiant heat & solar systems,coal or wood burning systems, filters, well pump components, built-in heat lamps, coolant evacuation & recovery, cleaning & relighting of pilots, heat lamps, and permit fees to include up to $400 for code update requirements.

10.3. Limits

10.3.1. • Aggregate limit on HVAC system is $10,000 • Aggregate limit on AC zone system repair is $500 • Aggregate limit on solar, geothermal, radiant or fossil fuel systems is $1500 • Aggregate limit on access to equipment behind drywall or beneath concrete is $50 per claim, $200 aggregate • Aggregate limit on induction fans is $250 • Repair deductible is $150

11. Plumbing

11.1. What's Covered

11.1.1. Water and waste piping, vent piping, valves, sill cocks, toilet tank parts, shower and tub valves (builder standard for replacement), diverter valve, angle stops, risers and gate valves, drain valve, vent and sewer lines, whirlpool tub mechanical components, pressure regulating devices, sump pumps, well pumps, basket strainers, plumbing within the perimeter of the home, plumbing within the foundation or slab.

11.2. Included Coverage

11.2.1. Gas piping, faucets (builder standard for replacement),hose bibs, normal stoppage, toilet seats and lids, sewage pumps,water softeners, water filters & purifiers, on-demand water heaters, bidets, caulking and grouting, freeze damage (home must be heated at time of damage) shower heads and jetted tub (includes electrical controls, plumbing lines, air pumps, pumps and motors). If your home has a potable well and septic system, our plan is a No-Brainer. No other plan covers these!

11.3. Limits

11.3.1. • Aggregate limit on plumbing is $5,000 • Aggregate limit on water heaters is $1,000 • Aggregate limit on sewage pumps is $500 • Aggregate limit on septic tank pumping is $275 • Aggregate limit on well pumps is $500 • Aggregate limit on water softener is $500 • Aggregate limit on induction fans for water heaters is $250 • Aggregate limit for drain line stoppage is $275 • Repair deductible is $150

12. Appliances

12.1. What's Covered

12.1.1. Refrigerators, wine cooler, wet bar refrigerator, range, oven, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, food disposer, range hood, trash compactor, washer and dryer and bath exhaust fans. Plus, we will pay for disposal of the old unit if it is necessary to replace them.

12.2. Limits

12.2.1. • Aggregate limit on appliances is $5,000 • Aggregate limit on washer/dryer is $400 each unit • Repair deductible is $150

13. Electrical

13.1. What's Covered

13.1.1. Main panels, sub-panels, breakers, switches, receptacles, interior wiring, wiring to AC unit, doorbell wiring, smoke and CO detectors.

13.2. Included Coverage

13.2.1. Attic and exhaust fans, telephone wiring, light fixtures and ceiling fans (builder grade for replacement), Cat 5 data lines, and central vac systems.

13.3. Limits

13.3.1. • Aggregate limit on electrical is $5,000 • Repair deductible is $150

14. Alarm System

14.1. What's Covered

14.1.1. Base system, touchpads, low voltage wiring, door sensors, glass breakage sensors, and audible alarm.

14.2. Limits

14.2.1. • Aggregate limit on alarm system is included in Electrical. Compare this to most plans which limit the coverage to $500 • Repair deductible is $150. or you can choose to get a new system through our preferred supplier (generally for FREE)

15. Roof Leak

15.1. What's Covered

15.1.1. Repair roof leaks to rolled roofing or composition shingles including flashing. No other plan includes this. Most charge $100 for this coverage.

15.2. Limits

15.2.1. • Aggregate limit on roof repairs is $500 • Repair deductible is $150