Technology Autobiography by Matt Merriam

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Technology Autobiography by Matt Merriam by Mind Map: Technology Autobiography by Matt Merriam

1. Early Luddite

1.1. No electronics

1.1.1. Cheap Stero

1.1.2. Alarm Clock

1.1.3. TV w/o remote

1.1.4. Experimented with reel to reel tape

1.1.5. No TV HS or College

1.2. Loved tools

1.2.1. Hammers & saws

1.2.2. Asked for rope for 3rd B-day

1.2.3. Tree house

2. Intro to Computing

2.1. Learned basic on paper in 1973

2.2. Fortran on teletype machine 1974

2.3. Intro to Apple 2

2.3.1. Didn't get to touch it

2.3.2. Didn't really follow


3.1. "here are your Fortran routines"

3.1.1. But comp sci is not a prerequisite!!?

3.1.2. Get over it, you will need to program

3.2. UNIX on Green Screens

3.2.1. Could write papers

3.2.2. Some sort of chat

3.2.3. At least we were past Punch Cards

4. Idaho

4.1. Huey

4.1.1. HP Basic Plotter Thermal Paper output Write basic math Plot a line Linear regression Fundamental theorm of calculas

4.1.2. A/D converter No clue how it worked Totally dependent on guy who biult it

4.2. IBM PC with three digit serial #

4.2.1. Converting hex to binary

4.2.2. Publishing two body wave eq First J Phys Chem two weeks to process

4.2.3. Drilling through the wall

4.2.4. never got it to replace Huey

4.3. Lasers

4.3.1. Building Raman Spectrometer Setting up light table Lots of plumbing

4.3.2. SpectaPhysics Ar Ion old Ar laser fixing it sending it for refurb buying new Ar Laser better for pumping dye with 2 lasers could do more

4.3.3. Building Dye Laser wide range of reds and yellow new ability to do resonance raman

4.3.4. Published 2nd J. Phys Chem article

4.4. Teaching with PCs

4.4.1. Didn't really work Students crying creating useful student doc

4.4.2. integrated to electrodes

4.4.3. no useful documentation

5. Montana State

5.1. PDP 8

5.2. building Mass Specs

5.3. borrowed student desktop PC

5.3.1. made resume in Wordperfect

5.3.2. printed on impact printer

5.3.3. faxed at copy shop