Halley Anne's Technology Autobiography

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Halley Anne's Technology Autobiography by Mind Map: Halley Anne's Technology Autobiography

1. Keyboarding

1.1. Started learning to type in third grade, and was not able to learn with the program

1.1.1. Sat next to my teacher, who was also trying to learn how to type

1.2. By sixth grade, I still couldn't type and had become one of the only people in my class who couldn't

1.2.1. I couldn't finish papers in the computer lab in the allotted time; typing was stressful

1.3. Had to take typing again in high school to fulfill a technology requirement

1.3.1. Most students thought the class was easy (they had been able to type for years), but I had to work really hard to learn

1.3.2. To earn an A in the class, I had to learn to accurately type 75 words a minute

2. Computers

2.1. Started using computers in the computer lab at school in first grade

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Family bought first desktop computer when I was in second grade

2.3. Was given my first PC laptop as a graduation gift when I finished high school

2.4. Bought a Mac laptop two years ago

3. Using the Internet to Socialize and Connect

3.1. All the middle school drama played out over AIM

3.1.1. I couldn't participate like everyone else because typing was so frustrating to me!

3.2. My senior year of high school, Facebook opened to high schoolers

3.2.1. A friend told me early on that I had to try it, so I opened an account as soon as it opened

3.3. When I studied abroad in college, I put Skype on my computer

3.3.1. I have spent the last year using Skype as I again lived in France

3.3.2. Skype has been absolutely essential to me feeling like I can connect to my friends and family while abroad

3.4. My junior year of college I got a Twitter account

3.4.1. Since I live far from friends and family, I love Twitter because I learn about the things they are doing in their everyday life