Technology Autobiography

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Technology Autobiography by Mind Map: Technology Autobiography

1. music

1.1. I feel like this band totally gets me!

1.2. This band is cool, I should check out their side project.

1.3. This is costing me way too much money!

1.3.1. Wait, I can get music for free on the internet? The thing that my Mom uses for email?

2. The Internet

2.1. Napster

2.2. Skype

2.2.1. I can keep in touch with friends and family

2.2.2. They can meet my friends in Japan!

2.2.3. I can keep in touch with friends in Japan when I leave.

3. nintendo

3.1. Every kid has to have it.

3.2. We can stay inside when it's hot and rainy.

3.3. Nintendo is cool, but Sega is where it's at!

3.3.1. If you're the first one to get one, you are the man!

3.3.2. Wait, what is playstation?