Case 15.1 Sudden onset of unilateral ataxia

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Case 15.1 Sudden onset of unilateral ataxia by Mind Map: Case 15.1 Sudden onset of unilateral ataxia

1. Key symptoms

1.1. Left arm and leg ataxia

1.1.1. Causes Appendicular ataxia Ipsilateral cerebellar lesion to the left cerebellar hemisphere Lesion of one of of the left cerebellar peduncles

1.2. Unsteadiness, falling to the left

1.2.1. Causes Truncal ataxia

1.3. Slurred speech

1.3.1. Causes Cerebellar lesions

1.4. Nausea and vomiting

1.4.1. Causes Cerebellar lesions

1.4.2. Involvement Cerebellar-vestibular circuits

2. Clinical localization

2.1. Left cerebellar hemisphere and vermis

2.2. Left superior, middle or inferior cerebellar peduncle

3. Patient history

3.1. Hypertension

3.2. Sudden onset of symptoms

4. Possible Diagnoses

4.1. Infarct of left cerebellum arteries (most likely)

4.1.1. SCA Ipsilateral ataxia

4.2. Left cerebellar hemorrhage

4.3. Left cerebellar abscess

4.4. Acute lesion to a cerebellar peduncle

4.5. Lesion from the left cerebellar hemisphere to left cerebellar peduncle

5. MRI

5.1. Infarct to left SCA

6. Recovery

6.1. Ataxia improved

6.2. 1 week post injury, speech returned

6.3. Ambulating with assist from PT

6.4. Entered into a RCT

6.4.1. Asprin is as effective as Coumadin for reoccurring strokes