the bridges of madison county - Robert James Waller

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the bridges of madison county - Robert James Waller by Mind Map: the bridges of madison county -  Robert James Waller

1. the book as an object

1.1. aspects of the nature , trees river etc. the red bridge contrast with the other elements of the book cover- the bridge =most important element of the story. -white letters with the tittle of the book are in the middle . at the botton we found the author´s name.

1.2. the cover =very clean way , the colors are neutral , red bridge= to catch attention of the reader , and the tittle and the author´s name who is in white letters.

1.3. published in 1992

2. my personal opinion

2.1. i like = the love story. the trama , the important aspects = bridges , the farm , madison county= second chance in life = the love of a mom for his kids.

2.2. i don´t like= the way of thinking = Francesca , think just about his kids , and not about her. the son opinion = he criticize his mom

2.3. i really recommend that book because if you love romantic stories this is for you , if you like to cry with ¨love¨this is the perfect book

3. meaning

3.1. robert james waller = romantic author¨ Robert Kincaid looked steadily at Francesca Johnson. She looked back in kind. From ten feet apart they were locked in to one another, solidly, intimately, and inextricably. ¨

3.1.1. a omniscient point of view

3.1.2. ha colloquial leguaje

3.2. the author report= the way they treat the wife in the farm , she just work for his family . she don´t think about her, she is just a woman that´s why nobody care´s

4. the contents

4.1. literary genre : romance

4.1.1. the novel: rombert kincaid = photographer. Francesca= wife and depressed mom.// both fall in love , during 4 days// he want´s to move with her to the city , she think about his kids// she rest at the farm.

4.1.2. climax: Francesca confused // move to the city , stay at the farm with his family

4.1.3. robert kincaid: a lonely photographer ho live´s just with his dog¨ that he had a dog, a golden retriever¨//, . he love calmel cigarettes ¨cartons of Camel cigarettes//¨ he has no parents ¨, parents both dead¨ //he use normal clothes like caqui jeans

4.1.4. Francesca: she has 67 years old , she lives in madison county farm, //a wife excluded from his family// , he only worked at home //, she wasn´t happy,// but during all the story she think about his family and his kids and not about her. his son

5. my work ressources

5.1. google search

5.2. the book

5.3. the film of the book

6. the author

6.1. robert james waller- born : 1 august 1939. died: 10 march 2017.

6.1.1. american author ,= He was also a photographer and musician.

6.1.2. best known for The Bridges of Madison County, = successful book in 1993

6.1.3. hes predilection = love stories or romantic novels = the bridges of madison county or a thousand country roads.