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#ZGchat by Mind Map: #ZGchat
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There are many successful Tweetchats out there

they are a platform for


Knowledge sharing

Networking, Building a community of practice


First engage into discussions w twitter users and include #zgchat into thread

increase number of #zgchat users

set agenda collaboratively

define a moment in the week, not more than an hour where the focus of the chat will be



(soft) skills training and academic education, What do you do to connect the two, How do you do it?, Have you got resources on this to share?

Open Source training resources, Help us find free stuff to use, Any great slides on slideshare?, Any awesome blog posts?

Popular Training topics, Motivation, Facilitating effective meetings, leadership models and styles, Coaching, Creativity, Negotiation, Teambuilding, Conflict resolution, Fundraising, Communication, Patient-doctor-communication, Facilitation/Participation skills during Tweetchat. Ex. What is considered "good form/manners., Presentation Skills/sharing resources. TED Talk,PowerPoints., Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to better help communication/Patient Satisfaction/Internal staff, Specific Feedback~Giving and Receiving, Listening vs. Hearing, Self-Care/Giving Bad news to patients.


Will be facilitated by @zgchat

Twitter users willing to help to set it up