The Rest Is Silence

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The Rest Is Silence by Mind Map: The Rest Is Silence

1. Hamlet kills Claudius avenging his fathers death but leaving him with no more vengeance to seek which he felt was his sole purpose throughout the play

1.1. leaving him with nothing left to do, no purpose,

1.1.1. leaving the rest of his days to be silence and non existent

2. The end of the Hamlet line and their ruling of denmark

2.1. in this last scene Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius are all killed

2.1.1. bringing an end to the succession of family members in line to rule denmark asks for Horatio to tell and carry on the story of his fathers murder and the ensuing events that unfolded throughout the play "And in this harsh world draw the thy breath in pain\to tell my story"

3. Peace of denmark

3.1. Claudius can only bring about bad things for Denmark and is shown as a poor ruler

3.1.1. in the second scene it shows that because of the poor condition Denmark has been put in because of Claudius the possibility for for fortinbras to invade is created hamlet describes Claudius as "A murderer and a villain a slave that is not twentieth part of tithe precedent lord, a vice of kings" showing hamlets view of the quality of Denmark leader

4. Hamlets Peace

4.1. pressure put on him by his fathers ghost to avenge his death and kill Claudius

4.1.1. "Revenge this foul and most unnatural Murder " "I am they fathers Spirit, Doom'd for a certain time to walk the night and for the day confined to fast fires Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature are burnt and purged away" trying to manage his relationships while following through with his act of vengance

5. Revenge