Constructivist Learning

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Constructivist Learning by Mind Map: Constructivist Learning

1. Concerns

1.1. Difficult to meet every learners needs

1.2. Is there enough time to explore issues deeply and still get through the entire curriculum?

1.3. Parents accepting a new way of teaching

2. Use in Teaching

2.1. Meet learners needs

2.1.1. Variety of learning styles Auditory Visual Kinisthetic Musical Artistic Physical

2.1.2. Challenge Students

2.2. Use technology

2.2.1. Multimedia sources

2.2.2. Smartboards

2.2.3. Student involvement

2.3. Projects

2.3.1. Interesting for students

2.3.2. Relevant

2.3.3. Motivate students

2.4. Student motivation

2.4.1. Adress why students should care

2.5. Metacognition

2.5.1. Students have to think about what they are learning

2.5.2. Reflection

2.6. Students construct their knowledge

2.6.1. Exploration

2.6.2. Experimenting

2.6.3. Actively involved

2.7. Recognize students knowledge

2.7.1. Change misconceptions

2.7.2. Build on prior knowledge

2.7.3. Create more sound understanding

3. What is it?

4. Interest

4.1. Acknoledges student differences

4.2. Allows for creativity

4.2.1. Students have freedom to think for themselves

4.2.2. Not just copy notes and cram for tests

4.3. Encourages innovation

4.4. Creates students who will be able to thrive in an ever changing world

4.4.1. Students will have jobs that don't even exist now

4.4.2. Students will be able to adapt to new technology

4.4.3. Students will be able to think independently and work in groups