Professional Passions

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Professional Passions by Mind Map: Professional Passions

1. Experience

1.1. Current Position: Porter/Server for and Heritage Railways

1.2. Previous Position: Front Desk Associate at Found Hotel San Diego

1.3. Volunteer Experience: Certified Volunteer Hospice of Southern Kentucky, Spring 2017 Safe Zones SDSU intern

1.4. Skills: superior expressive service, training and development of employees, supervisory skills, highly organized

2. Execution Strategies

2.1. Expand Professional Network

2.2. Complete HR internship

2.3. Graduate with degree in HR management

2.4. Apply to post graduation training program

2.5. Obtain job as HR assistant

2.6. Gain 5 years work experience before applying for management position

3. Ideal Company

3.1. Mechanistic Structure

3.2. Stable work environment

3.3. Employee Centered

3.4. Values diversity

3.5. Corporate Social Responsibility

3.6. Ideal HTM company: Marriott Int.

4. My Big WHY

4.1. I find joy in training and developing people

4.2. I value structure, rules, and procedures

4.3. I love helping others

4.4. I like making rules and procedures

5. My Network

5.1. Who do you know? Peers, Train industry, Hospitality Professionals, People I want to know better

5.2. Relationship building: Reach out via email, phone, LinkedIn. Volunteer at events. Schedule meetings

6. Ideal Professional Self

6.1. Good communicator

6.2. Fair and impartial

6.3. Motivator and developer

6.4. Strong work ethic

6.5. Reliable and valuable

6.6. Trustworthy

6.7. Strong technical skills

6.8. Intelligent