HHS Library Virtual Opening

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HHS Library Virtual Opening by Mind Map: HHS Library Virtual Opening

1. Finding information in HHS Library

1.1. Link to Catalog

1.2. Library tab in HHS Information Central

1.3. Library Course in Blackboard -- let us know if you aren't enrolled!

2. Using information responsibly

2.1. Updated regulation for showing movies in class (3007.2)

2.2. Works Cited

2.3. FCPS Copyright page

3. Professional growth

3.1. Link to Educators Reference Complete

4. Contact us

4.1. Kay Rice

4.1.1. 2312

4.1.2. [email protected]

4.2. Mary Wolfe

4.2.1. 2236

4.2.2. [email protected]

4.3. Ann Shepherd

4.3.1. 2309

4.3.2. [email protected]