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Searching Strategies by Mind Map: Searching Strategies
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Searching Strategies

Read the search tips pages

Many sources of information have instructions on how to search them properly. Take the time to read these instructions as they will save you time and give you better results

Use Boolean or Advanced Searching

Many sources of information have a Boolean or Advanced Search page which helps you search with 2 or more keywords combined. For more information click on the hyperlink under this heading

Evaluate the web sites

Websites are not checked or edited as a book would be so:

Use the checklist on the 'Website Evaluation' page to check that this information is correct

Evaluate the search results

Is this the information that you want?

Does it answer your original question?

If not, do you need to find another source of information? or

Do you need to refine your question and keywords?

New node

Select the best search tool

Decide if you need a book, an article or a website to help you find the information

If you are looking for a website use the Search Engines listed on the 'Search Engine' page

Go to the 'Reference Research' page and check out the websites listed there

Go to the 'Newspapers and Magazine' page and check out the databases listed there for articles

Check the library catalogue

Define the topic

What is the definition of the topic?

What are the synonyms for this topic?

What are the keywords I could Use?

Have I spelt the words correctly?

Analyse the topic

What do I already know?

What do I need to find out?

How much do I need to find out?

Do I need to narrow or broaden the topic?