Social Family Models of Teaching

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Social Family Models of Teaching by Mind Map: Social Family Models of Teaching


1.1. a process of learning and being together

1.2. enhances learning environment

1.2.1. creates a safe learning environment

1.3. cooperative groups

1.3.1. 4 agreements attentive listening mutual respect right to participate or pass appreciations/no put-downs

1.3.2. improves development

1.3.3. improves academic achievement

1.3.4. help each other, work together, problem solve

1.3.5. answer reflection questions

1.3.6. responsible for own learning

1.3.7. actively engaged

1.3.8. diversity is celebrated

2. Cognitive Apprenticeship

2.1. authentic practices through activity and social interaction

2.2. seeks to engage learners in real-world scenarios, meaningful contexts

2.3. Characteristics

2.3.1. modeling teacher structures situations of expert practice and demonstrate's thinking

2.3.2. coaching

2.3.3. scaffolding gradually fade supports

2.3.4. reflection

2.3.5. articulation

2.3.6. exploration

2.4. benefits of students' interactions with competent others

2.5. exploration of the world and problem-solving processes

2.6. encourage learner autonomy

2.7. provide general goals

2.7.1. encourage students to set their own achievable goals

2.8. encourage problem formation and problem solving

3. Reciprocal Teaching

3.1. Teacher models and helps students learn to guide group discussions

3.1.1. teacher's role to nurture student's abilities

3.2. Students become the teacher

3.2.1. students think about their own thought process

3.2.2. students learn to be actively involved and monitor comprehension

3.3. Four Strategies

3.3.1. summarizing

3.3.2. questioning

3.3.3. clarifying

3.3.4. predicting