Ethical Approaches

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Ethical Approaches by Mind Map: Ethical Approaches

1. The rights approach

1.1. Focus on the individual right of himself and herself. Four moral rights : The right to the truth, The right of privacy, The right not to be injured, and the right to what is agreed. An action is morally right if it respects all the rights.

2. Virtues approach

2.1. It assumes that we should work hard on certain ideas which will lead to the development the society

2.1.1. Virtues are characteristics or attitudes that allow us to be and act in ways which leads to our highest potential. For example, honesty,courage, self-control, etc When we have to solve problem using virtues approach, we could ask. Who should I be, and what will lead to our developments

3. The common good approach

3.1. Focus to make sure social policies social systems, institutions, and environments are commonly good to the people.

4. Justice or fairness approach

4.1. Moral action is questioned by how fair an action is, and treat people equally, or it indicated favoritism and discrimination?

5. Utilitarian Approach

5.1. Action is morally right if the consequences are good.

5.1.1. Focus on the maximization of happiness and minimization of pain

6. What is ethics?

6.1. The way dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation