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History thing ? by Mind Map: History thing ?

1. Change

1.1. Union Act

1.1.1. Durham recommended that the french should assimilate to the british . The canadas were joined together And renamed , canada east and canada west

1.1.2. Durham also suggested that thier should be a responsible government. It would help calm down the reformers. The union act granted that there wud be an equal representation rather than population. However it didnt mention about having a responsible government

2. Conflict

2.1. Types of conflicts

2.1.1. Strikes Another peaceful method of showing disspleasure however like protests when out of hand it can be dangerous

2.1.2. Rebellions When people fight agsinst the authorities; when successful it starts a revolution Example: in upper & lower canada in 1830's citizens believed that the government was not interested in their welfare.

2.1.3. Wars The most severe type of conflict . Usually log lssting with a great amount of livs lost Example: war of 1812, long lasting battle with a high amount of deaths, ened with the signing of the treaty of ghent

2.1.4. Protests & Demonstrations A way to show displeasure about something, usually peaceful but when not controled it can be dangerous

2.2. Rebellions of 1837-1838

2.2.1. Long term causes Undemocratic Government The citizens didnt have a government where they got to vote for their representatives, but the government appointed someone to represent them . The representative didnt have much power too. The Government Elites The Chateau Clique and the Family compact did not want to give the right to the citizens to vote for their representative Transportation Upper canada's transpprtation routed were more updated and better than lower canada . Upper Canada doesnt like how Lower Canada transportation is set up Decline of Seignural System Seigneurs got jealous of the merchants and started to increase their income THe Economic Decline After the french and the british signed the peace treaty, farmers had lost their income because after the war the prices went down and the government didnt want to do anything about his

3. Key People

3.1. Sir Francis Bond Head

3.1.1. interfered with elections.

3.1.2. Born in 1793 ; 1875

3.1.3. Appointed lieutrnant governor

3.1.4. After interfering with election, he was no longer trusted and lost his job

3.2. Louis-Joseph Papineau

3.2.1. Born in 1786 ; Died in 1871

3.2.2. Was a privileged Lower Canada person

3.2.3. Born in Montreal

3.2.4. Believed that the elected assembly should be stronger than the appointed part of government

3.2.5. Was the voice of moderate reform

3.2.6. Attepted to achieve reform by peaceful methods

3.3. William Lyon Mackenzie

3.3.1. Born in upper canada; scotland . (1795-1861)

3.3.2. Elected to legislative assembly; was a strong supporter of the reform

3.3.3. Wrote damaging statements in his newspapers

3.3.4. Led the illegal rebellion against the crown

3.4. Lord Durham

3.4.1. Brought to suggest ideas that will help Lower and Upper Canada settle their conflicts