Types of conditionals

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Types of conditionals by Mind Map: Types of conditionals

1. 1. Zero conditional

1.1. used to illustrate facts or typical situations

1.2. present simple is used in both parts

1.3. examples: If you heat up the water to 100C, it boils.

1.4. When Earth turns around the sun, a year passes.

1.5. If water is exposed to the cold, it freezes.

2. 2. Type 1 conditional

2.1. used to depict a real scenario

2.2. present simple (condition), future simple (result)

2.3. examples: If I work hard enough, I'll become an astronaut!

2.4. Unless there's trouble, I won't budge an inch!

2.5. If you want to, I'll help you out!

3. 3. Type 2 conditional

3.1. used to depict an unreal situation

3.2. past simple (condition), would/could (result)

3.3. examples: Unless I did something, everyone would die!

3.4. If you asked him, he would definitely help you!

3.5. Supposing I did as you said, what would change?

4. 4. Type 3 conditional

4.1. used to depict an unreal situation

4.2. past perfect (condition), future perfect (result)

4.3. examples: Had I known about it, I would have gone after you no questions asked!

4.4. If I had decided sooner, we wouldn't have had to go through this mess.

4.5. I had gone to the bathroom, so wouldn't have been able to see anything!

5. 5. Mixed conditional

5.1. used to depict an unreal situation

5.2. structures of types 2 and 3 are used

5.3. examples: I would have got awsay with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

5.4. If he had won a lot of money, he would buy a yacht.

5.5. If Jim had taken his painkillers two days ago, he would be fine now.