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06/07 - PoLTS by Mind Map: 06/07 - PoLTS
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06/07 - PoLTS

Factors impacting on Student Achievement


50% impact on learning


5 - 10%


5 - 10%

Peer Effects

5 - 10%



Teacher Statisitics

Average school and average teacher

Entering School, 50th

After 2 years, 50th

Least Effective school and least effective teacher

After 2 years, 3rd

Most effective school and least effective teacher

After 2 years, 37th

Most effective school and teacher

After 2 years, 96th

Most effective school and average teacher

After 2 years, 78th

Least effective school and most effective teacher

After 2 years, 63rd


Teacher are among the most powerful influences on

Teachers need to be aware of students thinking

Teachers need to be caring, influential and engaged

Attribute of an Effective Teacher

Think of a time when you learnt powerfully

Chemistry, Mr Bowen

Powerful learning is promoted by

Using different learning styles

Making the environment warm and friendly

Content is less important

Talking Vs Doing

Walk the talk

Embody the values and beliefs you teach


Explain what you believe and what has/hasn't worked

Completing vs Comprehending

Students are normally concerned with completing the task vs comprehending it

Need to move towards comprehension

Classroom Orientation

Learning Orientation

Focus on understanding major ideas

Work is purposeful and directed at making sense

Work Orientation

Focus on competing the work

Work-Avoidance Orientation

Teacher doesn't push students

Types of Knowledge

Fragile Knowledge

Inert, Its there but you can't do anything with it

Ritualisitic, Pattern useful for school task

Naive, Simplistic

Generative Knowledge

Retention, of knowledge

Understanding, of Knowledge

Active, Use of knowledge

What do Students Value?

From the students POV

What is the role of the teacher?

What is the role of the student?

What is effective learning?

Our Educative Purpose

What is powerful to Learn


What is powerful learning and what promotes it?

Principles of Learning and Teaching

How do we know if it has been learnt



Teacher Ownership

Teachers as generators of knowledge


A willingness to question existing practice

Support for Risk taking

Evolutionary, not revolutionary

PoLTS Unpacked

Strategies for solving problems