Social media guidelines by Laurea

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Social media guidelines by Laurea by Mind Map: Social media guidelines by Laurea

1. Marketing in social medias

1.1. Important role

1.2. Reaching large masses

1.3. Being aware of the ground rules of social media marketing

1.4. Sufficient quality

2. Security

2.1. Using strong password

2.2. Anti-virus programmes

2.3. Reading the term and conditions carefully

3. Different tools

3.1. Publishing platforms

3.2. Web conference tools

3.3. Picture and video sharing tools

3.4. Presentation graphics sharing tools

3.5. Virtual worlds

3.6. Community platforms

4. Personal use

4.1. Being selective about channels

4.2. Own social media strategy

5. Professional use

5.1. Long-term commitment is important

5.2. Easy and quick communicating

5.3. Sharing work and ideas