Zoo Phonics- Letter B Butterfly, Bears, Birds

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Zoo Phonics- Letter B Butterfly, Bears, Birds by Mind Map: Zoo Phonics-  Letter B    Butterfly, Bears, Birds

1. Movement

1.1. Zoo-robics-Students strech and move to Zoophonics CD.

1.2. Animal march-Students hop/jump/crawl across the room like different animals they pick from large picture cards.

2. Math

2.1. Symmetry Butterflies

2.2. Bears

2.2.1. Counting Bears

2.2.2. Bear Patterns

2.2.3. Measuring and graphing bears

2.2.4. Classifying bears from largest to smallest and by colors.

3. Writing/Journals

3.1. Handwriting without Tears Bb

3.2. Weekly Journal-My favorite animal is...

3.3. Acrostic B animal poem

4. Social Studies

4.1. The bird of Arizona

5. Science

5.1. Bird Feeders-Students will make birdfeeders in art and hang them on a tree in their back yard.

5.2. Butterflies

5.2.1. Watch catepillars turn into butterflies My Butterfly Journal- Students will daily write and draw their observations of the catepillars turning into butterflies.

6. Language Arts

6.1. Literature

6.1.1. The Very Hungry Catepillar

6.1.2. Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

6.1.3. The Three Bears

6.1.4. Berenstien Bears go to School

6.2. Phonics

6.2.1. Zoo-Phonics- Circle time letter review with gestures.

6.2.2. B sight words-by, big, be, but

7. Art

7.1. "B" Crafts

7.1.1. Paper Bag Puppets

7.1.2. Tissue paper butterflies

7.1.3. Birdfeed playdough