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All About Me by Mind Map: All About Me

1. Math

1.1. Counting

1.1.1. Children can count how many people have certain features.

1.2. Graphing

1.2.1. Graph letters in their names, number of children with certain characteristics.

1.3. Comparing

1.3.1. What characteristics do we have the most of? the least?

1.4. Sorting

1.4.1. By gender, hair color, eye color, clothing, etc.

2. Art

2.1. Self Portrait

2.1.1. Children will look at themselves in a mirror and draw a picture of themselves.

2.2. Multicultural Paints

2.2.1. Children will match their skin to a paint color in order to minimize the use of black, white, etc.

3. Physical

3.1. Body Parts/Exercise

3.1.1. What body parts do we have and how can we make them stronger?

4. Science

4.1. Study of the 5 Senses

4.1.1. Children will participate in experiments that gives them experience with using their 5 senses.

5. Social Studies

5.1. Feelings

5.1.1. What feelings do we experience and why?

5.2. Families

5.2.1. What do our families like to do together? How many people are in our families?

5.3. Diversity

5.3.1. Uniqueness, self esteem, everyone is different and special, acceptance.

6. Literacy

6.1. Self Image Related Books

6.1.1. We will read stories about self esteem, diversity, self actualization and talk about what the characters are doing and feeling.

6.2. Name Writing

6.2.1. Children will practice writing their name.

6.3. Letter Recognition

6.3.1. Children will recognize the letters in their names.