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Chapter 9 by Mind Map: Chapter 9

1. Definitions

1.1. Spacial Inequality

1.1.1. An unequal distribution of wealth or resources over a geographic area

1.2. Basin

1.2.1. A bowl-shaped depression, or hallow, in Earth's surface

1.3. Plaza

1.3.1. An open square or market

1.4. Standard of Living

1.4.1. The overall well-being and comfort of a group or country

1.5. Aqueduct

1.5.1. A pipe or channel built to transport water from one place to another

1.6. Urbanization

1.6.1. The movement of people from rural areas to urban areas

1.7. Metropolitan Area

1.7.1. A major population with a city surrounded by suburbs

1.8. Suburbs

1.8.1. A developed area at the edge of a city with mainly homes

1.9. Rural

1.9.1. Farmland/the country-side

1.10. Rural Decline

1.10.1. The poor condition in the country-side causing people to move to the city

1.11. Communal Lands

1.11.1. Land that is held in common by a group of people

1.12. Unemployment

1.12.1. When someone has no job

1.13. Pollution

1.13.1. The release of harmful substances into the enviremnt

1.14. Valcanoes

1.14.1. A mountain/hill that releases magma and lava

1.15. Smog

1.15.1. A fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutions

1.16. Air Quality

1.16.1. The measure of how clean or dirty the air is

2. Summary of Life in Tenochtitlan

2.1. Tenochtitlan has many natural beauty's like lakes and rivers. Life there is high quality. Great monuments tower above. Tenochtitlan has many plazas so people can shop all they want. the place has roads, canals, and exotic foods. Life at Tenochtitlan is a high standard of living.

3. Summary of Life in Mexico City

3.1. Most people who live in Mexico City don't have a high standard of Living. Mexico City had a blend of modern and and historic buildings, but now they aren't as nice. It is not a pleasant place to live. Many people from rural areas move to the city, overcrowding it. Mexico City is also filled with slums.

4. Economic Inequality in the U.S.

4.1. A lot of Americans are moving into poverty

4.2. It's harder for people to get good paying jobs due to new technologies

4.3. Schools are unequal

4.3.1. Some give all kids comouters

4.3.2. Some have trash all over the floor and no technoly

4.4. Only some people can pay for things like childcare

4.5. There is a mix of rich and poor people

4.6. Classless Society

4.6.1. A society where no one is born into a social class

5. Have's and Have Not's

5.1. Slums

5.1.1. One room, made of cardboard and junk

5.1.2. Most have no electricity

5.1.3. Streets are paved with trash

5.1.4. Have little to no work

5.1.5. Begging

5.2. Tenements

5.2.1. Rundown apartment building

5.2.2. Streets are usually paved

5.2.3. Most have some kind of work: maids, dishwashers, cooks, construction workers, street vendor, and bus drivers

5.2.4. Jobs don’t pay much

5.2.5. Lack clean water

5.2.6. Electricity

5.3. Suburbs

5.3.1. Workers in business, education, or government

5.3.2. Can afford some luxuries

5.3.3. Everyone has a job

5.3.4. Family supporting jobs

5.3.5. Houses, condos, and apartments

5.3.6. Can afford child care

5.4. Estates

5.4.1. Large amounts of land

5.4.2. Luxurious standard of living

5.4.3. Castle-like houses

5.4.4. Security systems

5.4.5. Hire poor people to work for them

5.4.6. They are rich