Brampton Caledon Community Living

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Brampton Caledon Community Living by Mind Map: Brampton Caledon Community Living

1. Vision and Mission:

1.1. "A world that respects and embraces the dignity, inherent value and rights of all people." (

1.1.1. To empower people who have an intellectual disability to lead enriched and meaningful lives.

2. Values:

2.1. Social Responsibility We have an obligation to advance issues impacting the lives of those living with an intellectual disability. Inclusion We believe that inclusion is imperative for people to achieve their goals. Respect and Dignity We treat every person with respect and dignity. Organizational Excellence We are accountable to achieve the highest standards of personal and organizational performance and innovation.

3. Equity, Inclusion and awareness of culture:

3.1. BCCL’s Community Living Month in May “Windows into the Soul” publishes and displays the stories of people’s struggles, dreams, and aspirations across venues in Brampton and Caledon.' (

3.2. BCCL provides over $134,000 to the City of Brampton’s Adult Developing Abilities and Participating Together(“ADAPT”) to continue to provide adults and their families with more day support options. (

4. Initiatives

4.1. Brampton Caledon Community Living "supports the needs of individuals in crisis and young adults transitioning from the child welfare system.

4.2. Brampton Caledon Community Living has a "formal partnerships with Ryerson University and York University for the placement and training of students." This is an initiative to help students transition appropriately.

5. Services and Programs

5.1. 1. Early Childhood Education 2. Adult & Children Service Coordination 3. Respite Supports 4. Community Participation Supports 5. Community Living Supports

5.1.1. Early Childhood Education: "Provides consultation and support to inclusive pre-school centres and families of pre-school children with a developmental disability. Helps promote childrens’ development and inclusion in the inclusive pre-school setting and a successful transition to the school system."(

5.1.2. PIRS Partnership

6. How to access services?

6.1. "PIRS [stands for Peel Inclusion Resource Services, and it is a] partnership between special needs resourcing programs and licensed child care providers that offer services to families and their children with special needs before they start school. Our goal is to:

6.2. Support children in licensed centre and home-based child care programs in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga

6.3. Provide resources and coaching to child care providers so that all children can participate fully in child care

6.4. Make it easy for families to access special needs supports in licensed child care

6.5. Link families and child care providers to a Resource Consultant