Four levels of policing

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Four levels of policing by Mind Map: Four levels of policing

1. Federal

1.1. RCMP 1) customs and excise 2) drug enforcement 3) economic crime 4) federal policing 5) immigration 6) proceeds of crime 7) criminal intelligence 8) international liaison and protective services

2. Provincial

2.1. OPP 1) responding to municipal police requests for special assistance 2) providing traffic control on all 400-series and major highways 3) providing investigative services on request to the coroner's office 4) performing other assigned duties such as maintaining the provincial firearms registry 5) takes the place of munipial police force in small towns

3. Municipal

3.1. barrie police department 1) preserving the peace 2) preventing crimes from ocurring 3) assisting victims of crime 4) apprehending criminals 5) laying charges and participating in prosecutions 6) executing warrants 7) enforcing municipal bylaws

4. Aboriginal police

4.1. aboriginal police are ther for policing there own communites. eg the Dakota-Ojibway police service