Child Care

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Child Care by Mind Map: Child Care

1. Age Group

1.1. 0-18

2. Aim: community to train in childcare/H&S sector

3. Opportunities / Thoughts

3.1. Maybe try working with organisations to get placements while they do the course so that we help the learner after course ends with a list of providers who accept placements to start apprenticeships.

3.2. So we teach them the basics then the nursery accepts them after course finishes with basic knowledge so they can start an apprenticeship which saves the nursery having to pay proper staff and we get money from the learner for doing the course

3.3. The course opens to the doors to potential clients a.k.a nurseries who would be willing to do apprenticeships with individuals who have the basic eyears knowledge from the course. You work on partnership with these nurseries to get them more apprentices but as soon as the course finishes the learner has to liase with the nursery about apprenticeships

3.4. List of Eyears that would support us and at the end of the course they can take on people but they would have to be happy with the standard and content- collab teaching.

3.5. So it's saying do the course and we can help you get a placement

4. Lord Young 2014- getting ready for work - “three quarters of firms believe a lack of work experience is the reason young people are unprepared for work,”

5. PATA: Playgroup and Toddler Association - Partnered with AdEd

5.1. Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce

5.2. Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner (Early Years Educator)

5.3. Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for the Children and Young People’s Workforce - Early Years (Management)

5.4. Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for the Children and Young People’s Workforce - Early Years (Advanced Practice)

5.5. Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

5.6. Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

5.7. Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools

5.8. Level 2 Certificate in Playwork

5.9. Level 3 Certificate in Playwork

5.10. No longer Funded = Learners out of the system

6. Local Charges:80 pp- 12 hours 45-60- 4 hours 25- two hours or less Lv 2 certificate- £1200- 9 months and £2800 for level 3

7. Short potential modules could be: - Roles and responsibilities of the practitioner - What is play? - Working with children - Understanding the areas of development

7.1. The introductory programme could be offered to all individuals regardless of GCSE’s or equivalent qualifications, as this could encourage an increased intake, as opposed to just applying to Gloscol. Gloscol offer an introductory with 3 GCSE’s, so it’s important to advertise versatility to appeal to school leavers or drop outs returning to education

8. We teach what Eyears want

9. Partners

9.1. Young Glos

9.2. Into Play

9.3. Tree Tops

9.4. Shooting Stars Nursery

9.5. Little Footsteps Day Nursery

9.6. Chestnuts Day Nursery

9.7. All My Friends Childcare Ltd

9.8. Noah's Ark Day Nursery

9.9. Leapfrog Day Nursery - Quedgeley

9.10. Finlay Children's Centre

9.11. Little People Day Nursery

9.12. The Family Haven