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Spinal nerve by Mind Map: Spinal nerve

1. Cervical nerve

1.1. Dorsal primary rami

1.1.1. 1st cervical nerve=Suboccipital nerve

1.1.2. 2nd cervical nerve=Greater occipital nerve

1.1.3. 3rd cervical nerve

1.2. Ventral primary rami

1.2.1. Cervical plexus Superficial/Cutaneous branches Lesser occipital nerve 小枕神經 Great auricular nerve 大耳神經 Transverse cervical nerve 橫頸神經 Supraclavicular nerve 鎖骨上神經 Deep/Muscular branches 支配Trapezius斜方肌 支配Levator scapulae提肩胛肌 Phrenic nerve

1.2.2. Brachial plexus Rami from root Dorsal scapular nerve 肩胛背神經 Long thoracical nerve 長胸神經 Rami from trunk 支配Subclavian muscle Suprascapular nerve肩胛上神經 Rami from cord Lateral cord Posterior cord Medial cord

2. Thoracic nerve

2.1. Dorsal primary rami

2.2. Ventral primary rami

2.2.1. T1~T11: Intercoastal nerve T1 take part in forming the Brachial plexus

2.2.2. T12: Subcoastal nerve T12 take part in forming the Lumbar plexus

3. Lumbar nerve

3.1. Dorsal primary rami

3.1.1. L1~L3: Superior cluneal nerve

3.2. Ventral primary rami

3.2.1. Lumbar plexus T12+L1 Iliohypogastric nerve 髂腹下神經 L1 Ilioinguinal nerve 髂鼠蹊神經 L1+L2 Genitofemoral nerve 生殖股神經 L2+L3 Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve 大腿外側皮神經 L2+L3+L4 Obturator nerve 閉鎖孔神經 L3+L4 Accessory obturator nerve L2+L3+L4 Femoral nerve

3.2.2. Sacral plexus: L4+L5+S1+S2+S3 Muscular branch Superior gluteal nerve 臀上神經 Inferior gluteal nerve 臀下神經 支配 piriformis 梨狀肌 支配 quadratus femoris 支配 obturator internus Cutaneous branch Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve Sciatic nerve Tibial nerve Common peroneal/fibular nerve Pudendal nerve 會陰神經 Inferior rectal nerve 下直腸神經 Perineal nerve Dorsal nerve of penis 陰莖背神經

4. Sacral nerve

4.1. Dorsal primary rami

4.1.1. S1~S3: Middle cluneal nerve

4.2. Ventral primary rami

4.2.1. Sacral plexus S1~S3: Inferior cluneal nerve

5. Coccygeal nerve

5.1. Dorsal primary rami

5.2. Coccygeal plexus: S4+S5