Pit Stop Ice Cream

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Pit Stop Ice Cream by Mind Map: Pit Stop Ice Cream

1. Financial Plan

1.1. source of capital

1.1.1. Personal Saving

1.1.2. Parents/ family

1.1.3. Bank loan

1.1.4. Investor

1.1.5. Sponsorship

1.2. Report

1.2.1. Cash flow

1.2.2. Balance Sheet

1.2.3. Break Even Point

1.2.4. Return on Investment

1.3. Financial report

1.3.1. Weekly

1.3.2. Monthly

1.3.3. Annually

2. Marketing Plan

2.1. Target market

2.1.1. Community

2.1.2. Family

2.1.3. School kids/ Students

2.2. Marketing strategy

2.2.1. Social media

2.2.2. Pamflet

2.2.3. Special event School event Birthday event Family or personal party Wedding Ice cream festival- AEON BSD Jakarta

2.3. Competitive analysis

2.3.1. Baskin Robins

2.3.2. Magnum Cafe

2.3.3. Cornetto Ice cream

2.3.4. Walls Ice cream

2.3.5. Ice berg Pizza and Ice cream

2.4. Critical success factors

2.4.1. Location

2.4.2. Effective and efficient management

2.4.3. HRD Effective quantity of employee Quality of employee Trustworthy personal skills Honest

2.4.4. Smart marketing Media Video vlog Catchy social media advert

2.4.5. Financial stability Sales forecast

2.4.6. Technology & equipment Ice cream machine

3. Operational Plan

3.1. Product and service offers

3.1.1. Variety of ice cream flavours

3.1.2. All you can eat ice cream

3.1.3. Variety of ice cream models Traditional ice cream Blewah topping ice cream Kacang ijo topping ice cream Ice cream duren Martabak ice cream (Markobar ref) Western ice cream Crepes ice cream gelato Sundae Cone ice cream Cake ice cream Ice cream Maccaron

3.1.4. Culinary through cafe and bar

3.1.5. Self service ice cream Modify your own ice cream

3.2. Management structure

3.2.1. Operational department Ice cream/ counter staffs Monthly machine mechanics Waiters (optional)

3.2.2. Financial department Cashier Report maker

3.2.3. Marketing department Social media controller Customer relation Marketing programmes

3.3. Customer care

3.3.1. Collect point membership

3.3.2. Event invitation through email or text

3.3.3. Ice cream making course Ice cream machine maintenance tips How to operate ice cream machine

3.4. Location and outlook of the company

3.4.1. Location Jakarta Jogja Surabaya Bali

3.4.2. Outlook Cafe Racing theme Live music stand Garden Outdoor sitting

3.5. Operational Model

3.5.1. ?

3.6. Supplier strategy

3.6.1. Local supplier Ice cream milk food Ice cream machine spare parts

3.6.2. International supplier Ice cream milk food