Future tenses

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Future tenses by Mind Map: Future tenses

1. present simple

1.1. we use it for scheduled or timetabled events

1.1.1. "Sit down, the tv show starts in 5 minutes."

2. present continuous

2.1. we use it for previously made arrangements

2.1.1. "I'm having a lunch with the CEO at 13 o'clock."

3. future continuous

3.1. we use it if we describe something that will happen in a certain time

3.1.1. "I will be watching a good action film tomorrow at 8 o'clock."

4. future perfect

4.1. we use it if an action is started in the present/past and it will be finished in the future

4.1.1. "My studies at Eötvös will have finished by the next 4 years"

5. to be (about) to

5.1. we use it if something will happen in the immediate future

5.1.1. "The publisher is about to release a new cookbook."

6. (will) future simple

6.1. we use it for predictions based on what we think

6.1.1. "I think he will be a good leader of this group"

6.2. we use it for instant decisions

6.2.1. "Okay, I will go to your match"

6.3. we also use it for promises and offers

6.3.1. "I will give you my pen tomorrow"

7. going to

7.1. we use it for predictions based on what we see

7.1.1. "He can't stop, he going to crash into my car"

7.2. we use it for plans

7.2.1. "I'm going to make the world better'