Pre-K Colors

Pre-K integrated unit

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Pre-K Colors by Mind Map: Pre-K Colors

1. Math

1.1. Colored unifix cubes

1.1.1. Counting and quantifying

1.1.2. Patterns

1.2. Our Favorite Colors graph

1.3. Comparison words: light vs. dark

2. Language and Literacy

2.1. A Color of His Own By Leo Lionni

2.2. What Color Is Your Underwear? By Sam Lloyd

2.3. Vincent's Colors By Vincent van Gogh

2.4. My Many Colored Days By Dr./ Fancher, Lou Seuss

2.5. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

2.6. Cat's Colors By Jane Cabrera

2.7. Little Blue And Little Yellow By Leo Lionni

3. Physical

3.1. Cutting paper chain strips

3.2. Paintbrushes and crayons

4. Social Emotional

4.1. Wear the Color of the Day

5. Arts

5.1. Music and Movement

5.1.1. Rainbow Song

5.1.2. Crazy Color Creatures

5.2. Fine Arts

5.2.1. Jackson Pollack action painting (outdoor play)

5.2.2. supplies in the color of the day

6. Social Studies

6.1. Hair colors, eye colors, skin colors

7. Science

7.1. Color Mixing

7.2. Animal Colors

7.3. Describe the colors in nature

8. Cognitive

8.1. Color puzzles