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AZ Desert Reptiles for PRE-K by Mind Map: AZ Desert
Reptiles for
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AZ Desert Reptiles for PRE-K

Physical Activity/Health and saftey

Learning standard key words: personal health and safety; coordinate body movements

Activites: Learn how to be safe in the desert; discuss bites and common health risks with reptiles; music and movement with dance motions resembling reptiles; go on nature walk.


Learning standards: make crative art using reptile figures; make puppets for stories; Learn 2 songs and make movements to them; set up dramatic play for pet shop or zoo;


I need to come up with specific activities for each of these.  I also should describe how I want to encorporate or enhance my learning centers for my pre-k head start classroom.  I will also add resources and materials. 

Learning Standards: Describe, observe, question, apply knowledge

Activities: Read books about animals; visit zoo; look at real life animals; describe features; learn about how they live;

Social Studies

Learning Standards: relate animal to envrionment; find information from resources

Activites: Lean O'otham words and stories for the reptile; identify places where they live; have families help identify places where they have seen these reptiles.