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Ocean by Mind Map: Ocean

1. Social Studies

1.1. navigation, the effects of world population on oceans, migration, longitude and latitude skills, geography - waters of the world, estuaries, and environmental compromises that people must make to live in environments related to water.

2. Physical Education

2.1. Swimming, beach safety, the food chain, and learning about first aid for stings/bites of marine life.

3. Literacy

3.1. Students write about the areas of study within the theme through creative writing, research, reports, and projects. English grammar skills are taught using the content relating to aquatic features.

3.2. Vocabulary words are taken from the content studied about marine life and environmental issues. Spelling words consist of one and multi-syllabic words that are covered throughout the unit of study.

3.3. Language components of the theme ocean include reading, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and English grammar. Students read both fictional and non-fictional selections of literature

4. Science

4.1. animal classification, biodiversity, the food chain, pollution, weather including El Nino, storms, and natural events, habitats, coastal marine environmental issues, and endangered/threatened species.w node

5. Art

5.1. creation of posters of environments such as the estuaries, mobiles, 3-D projects and other visual components, and the use of colors specific to environment.

6. Field Trip

6.1. state parks, Sea Life, local rivers and lakes

7. Math

7.1. graph the ocean floor, draw whales to scale, solve word problems related to content learned, classify marine life, and work with measurement and temperature.