the present continuous

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the present continuous by Mind Map: the present continuous

1. How to form it

1.1. infinitive + ing

1.1.1. to look --> he is looking

1.2. infinitive ends in -e --> drop the e!

1.2.1. to dance --> dancing

1.3. infinitive ends in a single stressed vowel followed by a single consonant

1.3.1. to sit --> sitting

2. Why do we use it?

2.1. happening right now

2.1.1. Julie is sleeping

2.2. temporary situations

2.2.1. I'm staying here for a few days

2.3. annoying habits

2.3.1. you're always losing your keys!

2.4. definite future plans

2.4.1. we're meeting up later

2.5. changing situations

2.5.1. the weather is improving

3. online explanation