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Bugs by Mind Map: Bugs
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Insect Life Cycles

Identify the life cycles of different insects

Identify that insects need certain elements to live

Identifying Insect Body Part

Identify different parts of an insect body

Observe Insects using multiple senses

Insect habitat

Identify and observe different habitats of insects

Social Studies


Identify different land characteristics/habitat of Insects

Construct Map of Insect locations in classroom



Construct and design insects

Construct and paint insects by their characteristics


Create visual representations of thier understanding of insects

Create an Insect collage using recycled materials



Read Alouds, identify and contrast different insects from, Venn diagram, Recording information with teacher from literature books, Bugs Bugs Bugs, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Ants, The Very Grumpy Ladybug, Bugs!

Identify different letters of insects

Viewing PowerPoints slide, Youtube videos on insects, online insect stories


Write about different insects using webbing

Journal writing about insects

List observation of insects


Data Analysis

Interrupt and construct graphs from given information

Classifying insects by different characteristics


Measure different insects

Describe and compare measurable attributes in insects.

Classify insects and count the number of insects in categories.

Number Sense

Count insects and match amount to represented number

Count insects and identify the given amount

perform addition problems with given insects

Identify the amount of insects from a given word problem

Movement/Physical Education

Insect walk

Represent movements similar to Insect's natural movement

Insect songs

Sing songs that identify different characteristics of insects

Insect dance

Perform dance songs to Insects songs

By Catrina Herbert