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Some Units learned in this class by Mind Map: Some Units learned in this class
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Some Units learned in this class







The Renaissance-the rebirth of greek and roman learning 1200-1600

causes were the development of town and monarchies and new governments

Florence was the leading city

characteristics are art became realistic, there were improvments in literature, and people began to learn to read and write

medici family

Renaissance man were sharp and alert. they were multi talented

Renaissance female were pretty and smart,blonde hair and wore perfume and dresses

martin luther


He wrote a thesis about the chruch and what was going wrong with it

he was excomunicated

he translated the bible to english so peasents could read it themselves

New node

Henry the 8th

had 5 wives

congress of vienna

restoring order to europe after napoleon

who? prince clemons von metternich, tsar alexander1, and lord robert castlereagh

england was the only country napoleon didnt conquer



trench warfare

technology playes a role

us had practices isolationism and then neutrality

economice investments in europe were endangerd

zimmerman telegram

russia was part of the allies from the begining but then withdrew from the war in 1918

at the end of the war us held back the germans in france and started to push them back

artmistice comes on november 11,1918