This is a blueprint for a website. The purpose of the site is to help our rational neocortex overcome our instinctual reptilian brain stems. To overcome the Caveman Principle and make utopia a reality... with NUMBERS!

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TBN by Mind Map: TBN

1. Distribution

1.1. RSS Feed

2. Reddit Feature

3. BuddyPress

4. How to Beat Out Your Brains

5. Argue by Numbers Podcast

5.1. New node

5.2. Record All Posts

5.3. Upload Recorded Pocasts

5.4. Learn How to Distribute

5.5. SEO for iTunes and Stuff

6. Wiki Feature

7. Numbers cannot lie.

7.1. The Others

7.2. Three Brains are a Crowd

7.2.1. Brain 1: The Lizard feeding fornication fight flight Crocodile Brains

7.2.2. Brain 2: The Dog

7.2.3. Brain 3: Mr. Spock

7.3. Why Our Brains Don’t Work Rite

7.3.1. You are exposed to a piece of information.

7.3.2. The information is transmitted to the limbic system

7.3.3. The limbic system decides if this information is agreeable (true) or disagreeable (false).

7.3.4. The limbic system attaches positive emotions to agreeable information or negative emotions to disagreeable information.

7.3.5. That feeling gives that thought a sense of conviction or truth.

7.3.6. This information/emotion combination is what we call a belief.

7.3.7. At that point, the neocortex is employed to protect and defend this belief.

7.3.8. The neocortex puts forth all available evidence which supports this belief.

7.3.9. The neocortex figures out ways to discount any contradictory information.

7.4. Why No One is Reading this Sentence

7.4.1. So, like, what were cavemen into? Surviving long enough to successfully replicate one’s genes in an unstable environment requires brains with very specific interests. Hence, the type of brain that survived typically paid a great deal of attention to these questions: Can I eat it? Will it eat me? Can I mate with it? Will it mate with me? Note these items, which are suspiciously absent from this list: Statistics Economics Formal Cost-Benefit-Analysis Calculations

7.5. Let’s Get Ignorant!

7.5.1. Here’s a list of what the average voter doesn’t know: How much their government spends on Foreign aid Wars Education Medicare Interest on the debt How many troops have been killed in our various and sundry wars How many civilians have been killed in our various and sundry wars How much they pay in taxes What the rate of inflation is What the unemployment rate is How much profit corporations make What the Dow Jones Average is Who was involved in perpetrating the 9/11 attacks How wealth is distributed among classes How many branches there are in the federal government That the president cannot legally suspend the Constitution

7.6. Keep In the Vote!

7.6.1. Values and Emotions of the Electorate If the neocortex were in charge, politicians would be selected solely based on: INTELLIGENCE KNOWLEDGE RECORD

7.6.2. Informational Vacuum Some of the factors influencing their electoral decisions include: LOOKS LOVELIFE ELECTABILITY TRIBAL LOYALTY VOTER’S MOOD FLAGS