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Web Design by Mind Map: Web Design

1. Questions

1.1. What are the best programs for web design?

1.1.1. Dreamweaver


1.2. How can I make a mobile version of my website?



1.2.3. Create Subdomain CheapCheapDomainNames Domain Manager

1.3. How do I build a website?

1.4. What is the fastest way to make money with Web Design?

1.5. How can I help in regards to your web design company?

1.6. What can I do today to earn $500?

1.7. How can I get people to pay 10/mo to me for a domain name

1.7.1. How do I set that up?

1.7.2. What's the name of the website?

1.8. Which web design program is the easiest/fastest to use, while still being proffesional quality

1.9. How do you determine rates you will charge

1.10. Where do I find the best free templates

1.10.1. Are templates included in the web design program already

1.11. How do people usually present to you the information that they want you to put on the website?

1.12. What steps do I need to take in order to complete the web design process (from begining to end).

1.13. What are the best on page designers? (Non-flash)

2. Hosting


2.2. New node


3. Domain


4. Web Design Experts

4.1. Levi McCallum

4.1.1. FB

5. Other Maps

5.1. Website Design

5.1.1. Drupal ?s DrupalDude How do to the dude How To Change Logo / Banner How do I create a Business Directory?

5.1.2. Dreamweaver PHOTOSHOP DIV TAGS How do I position Div Tags wherever I want them within DreamWeaver?

6. New node

7. New node

8. New node

9. New node