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Web Design by Mind Map: Web Design
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Web Design


What are the best programs for web design?


How can I make a mobile version of my website?

Create Subdomain, CheapCheapDomainNames, Domain Manager, DNS, DNS Tools, DNS Manager, Edit Zone, Add New Record, Edit Host, IP Address

How do I build a website?

What is the fastest way to make money with Web Design?

How can I help in regards to your web design company?

What can I do today to earn $500?

How can I get people to pay 10/mo to me for a domain name

How do I set that up?

What's the name of the website?

Which web design program is the easiest/fastest to use, while still being proffesional quality

How do you determine rates you will charge

Where do I find the best free templates

Are templates included in the web design program already

How do people usually present to you the information that they want you to put on the website?

What steps do I need to take in order to complete the web design process (from begining to end).

What are the best on page designers? (Non-flash)


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Web Design Experts

Levi McCallum


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Website Design

Drupal, ?s, DrupalDude, Seriously? My friend Aaron MacDonald told me about drupal the other day and I installed it and everything and I'm a pretty experienced web developer and designer, he tells me to come to this website to check out your tutorials, and I read the titles of every one. However, I mean dude, each of those are totally irrelevant. I can tell you really want some high rated videos and want to help people so do everyone a favor and answer these questions in a video or even just post it in FAQ section (which is a good tab to add to your website) ... (1) How do you get into WYSIWYG mode? (2) How do you upload your banner and have that on the top? (3) How the jeebies do you get it so when you create new content then go to another tab and come back the content doesn't disappear? I am so thankful I didn't spend more than 2 minutes messing with the content and this ridiculous CMS called drupal because as soon as I tabbed away within the site even after saving it, the content disappeared. I'm trying to remake this website within drupal... and then I would also like to make a cool version of which are both my websites. The big question is how to you migrate an already made website into drupal and for it to look similar? Thanks for reading and replying, Sincerely, E, How do to the dude, All that you need are a few bits of PHP, which you can simply copy and paste into your own HTML template. These PHP snippets tell Drupal to load its dynamic content in those spots., How To Change Logo / Banner, Find the PNG in the Theme and replace it with the same name file, How do I create a Business Directory?, This Way,, To create a business directory 1) Create a node type "business" with all necessary fields for the different information you would like to provide about the business. let say : "name" "location" "type" & "country" 2) Create a view that display the "business" type node and then add your business fields as filters (do not forget to expose them). If you do so, you will then have a viewswith all businesses showing up by default and the possibility for the user to filter the view by "name" "location" 'type" and "country" via a serach menu located at the top of your view.,

Dreamweaver, PHOTOSHOP, DIV TAGS, How do I position Div Tags wherever I want them within DreamWeaver?, Perhaps Firebug is better with that

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