Intellectual Property in France FAQ for AUP Faculty

draft for ALA LO course

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Intellectual Property in France FAQ for AUP Faculty by Mind Map: Intellectual Property in France  FAQ for AUP Faculty

1. Legend

1.1. What am I doing?

1.2. See

1.3. Why?

1.4. Alternative

1.5. Answer

2. See

2.1. Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle

3. Me as a user of other persons' works

3.1. Works with Authors or "Ayants-droits"

3.1.1. See "Author" "Ayant Droit" "Durée de protection"

3.1.2. At AUP ie. Teaching and research See "Exception Pédagogique et de Recherche" "Fair Use" Teaching at AUP "BlackBoard" Website for the class Bibliographic Management Software Placing items on Reserve at the Library Classroom Exams Course preparation Meetings with faculty Organizing events Exhibits Conferences Doing Research New node

3.1.3. Outside AUP New node New node

3.1.4. "Usage Privé" New node New node

3.2. Orphan works = "oeuvres orphelines" Out of print works = "oeuvres épuisées"

3.2.1. New node

3.2.2. New node

3.3. Works in Public domain

3.3.1. New node

3.3.2. New node

4. Me as an author: my rights

4.1. Research at AUP

4.2. Publishing

4.3. Exhibit organizer

5. Quizz

5.1. Take the quizz here (provide link to assessment tool). This will be the last development phase. 1st is FAQ, 2nd is contextual help ("See" and "Why"). May be I'll split quizzes (one per situation) and place the link next to the situation node instead.