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iCloud by Mind Map: iCloud

1. digital hub is in the cloud

2. PC and Mac are just devices

3. 5GB storage free for Mail / Calender / Contacts

4. holds your content

4.1. pushed to all devices

4.2. integrated with apps


6. iCloud is not just a hard disk in the "sky"

7. final three apps...

7.1. Documents in the Cloud

7.1.1. e.g. Pages

7.1.2. pushed to all devices with pages

7.1.3. already in latest versions released last week

7.1.4. Steve: "killing the file system"

7.1.5. iCloud storage API Mac & PC too

7.2. Photo Stream

7.2.1. take a photo on the iphone and its automatically uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to all other devices

7.2.2. build into apps, nothing new to learn

7.2.3. also adding the AppleTV

7.2.4. the question of photo size the last 1000 photos get stored on iDevices other photos have to be moved to an album on mac & pc there will all get stored 30 days on the server to sync

7.2.5. seems to be Wi-Fi only

7.3. iTunes in the Cloud

7.3.1. purchase history on any device

7.3.2. download everything you bought / buy OTA

7.3.3. no extra charge for multiple downloads

7.3.4. up to 10 devices

8. three more apps!

8.1. App Store

8.1.1. purchase history on all devices

8.1.2. no extra charge

8.1.3. buy one app and it gets installed on all devices!

8.2. iBooks

8.2.1. same as apps

8.2.2. downloaded to all devices

8.2.3. read state gets pushed OTA

8.3. Wireless backup devices to iCloud

8.3.1. music purchased

8.3.2. apps

8.3.3. books

8.3.4. photos

8.3.5. videos

8.3.6. app data

8.3.7. device settings

9. mobile me "integrated" into iCloud

9.1. Contacts

9.2. Calender

9.2.1. with sharing

9.3. Mail


9.4. NOW FREE!