Methods in Teaching Literature

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Methods in Teaching Literature by Mind Map: Methods in Teaching Literature

1. Contextual learning

1.1. aims of CL

1.1.1. to equip students with the knowledge Students can be flexibly applied or transferred from one problem to another problem and the context of personal , social, culture, or to other contexts. (Johnson,2002)

1.2. relying on " spatial memory "

1.2.1. based on the needs of individual students

1.2.2. in practice, applying " authentic assessment "

1.3. CL always associates with prior knowledge.

1.4. CL is a learning approach that show the state of nature knowledge. (Ministry of Education,2002)

1.4.1. It provides a more relevant and meaningful experiences to students in developing the knowledge. It will impose a lifetime through relationships inside and outside the classroom.

1.5. Components of CL (by Johnson,2002)

1.5.1. creating meaningful relationships

1.5.2. performing a significant job retention

1.5.3. learning to adjust

1.5.4. collaboration

1.5.5. critical and creative thinking

1.5.6. individual experience

1.5.7. the achievement of a high standdard

1.5.8. using authentic assessment

1.6. The emphasizing point of CL ( by the Ministry of Education document 2002b)

1.6.1. problem-based learning

1.6.2. authentic instruction

1.6.3. inquiry based learning

1.6.4. project based learning

1.6.5. work-based learning

1.6.6. service learning

1.6.7. cooperative learning

2. Literature learning

2.1. Aims of Literature learning

2.1.1. To express about human beings, humanity, and the universe

2.1.2. To use as an intellectual and emotional consumption

2.1.3. To inculcate human values to students

2.2. The Weaknesses of Literary learning in school

2.2.1. Learning materials are only emphasize memorizing than intimacy with literature itself. To memorize literary terms To memorize literary definition To memorize literary history

2.2.2. There are so less teacher to master literature and its learning.

2.2.3. Evaluation tool is less challenging and less comprehensive.