Jeremy's Creativity History

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Jeremy's Creativity History by Mind Map: Jeremy's Creativity History

1. Childhood

1.1. Hobbies

1.1.1. Drawing Tracing complex pictures Students, "Tracing isn't drawing." Created playing cards with friends created comics with friends

1.1.2. Trumpet Core Attitude of Self-discipline Practiced for Church band

2. Highschool

2.1. Clubs

2.1.1. Art Club

2.1.2. Jazz band

2.2. Art Classes

2.2.1. Lakewood Ranch High Freedom to explore and play

2.2.2. Flanagan High Ms. Goldenburg focus on technique Learn the rules

3. Korea

3.1. Core Attitude of Risk-taking

3.1.1. Move to new country with limited knowledge of culture and language

3.2. English Teacher

3.2.1. use creative ways to teach English Use childhood boardgames adapted to learn English Make new experiences for students to remember

3.3. Core Attitude of Group Trust

3.3.1. Joined an art collective in Seoul Participated in 2 group shows participated in figure drawing nights strong online community participated in Ink-tober Core attitude of Self-discipline

4. University

4.1. Ringling College of Art and Design

4.1.1. Illustration Core Attitude of Self-Discipline Created illustrations/paintings for deadlines created hundreds of thumbnails and hundred of color studies for one illustration in my first illustration class

4.1.2. Core Attitude of Group Trust Group of Creative friends Play drawing games often I felt like my drawing wasn't as good as my friends, but they never put me down. They always encouraged me!

4.2. UF

4.2.1. Master's of Art Education Core Attitude of Tolerance for Ambiguity trying to understand the purpose of art education. There is no 1 right answer. There are many reasons for art education Core Attitude of Group Trust The professors and classmates have all been very encouraging when I try something new. Always providing critiques to build me up and new put me down.