How can I make a good skit?

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How can I make a good skit? by Mind Map: How can I make a good skit?

1. How long should it be?

1.1. Your skit cannot be longer than 3 minutes

1.2. You only have 15 minutes to prepare the skit, don't make it too fancy or long!

2. Other important things I should keep in mind.

2.1. You must pick 2 countries

2.2. This is a group project, listen to everyone's point of view and make sure everyone has a part

3. What should I include?

3.1. Identity

3.2. Quality of Life

3.3. Customs

3.4. Stories

3.5. Values

3.6. Points of view

4. What countries can I choose to represent?

4.1. India

4.2. Tunisia

4.3. Peru

4.4. Ukraine