Copyright for Teachers

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Copyright for Teachers by Mind Map: Copyright for Teachers

1. Fair Use

1.1. Fair Use is an aspect of standard copyright that defines what aspects of a copyrighted work can be reproduced by the author or by others under certain limitations

2. Standard Copyright

2.1. Standard Copyright is protection provided by the government for the author of published and unpublished works in any form

3. Creative Commons

3.1. Creative Commons allows for the maximization of digital creativity while still upholding the laws of standard copyright. It tries to develop, support, and steward "legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation." Offers many types of licenses for authored and collaborative works.

4. Court Criteria for Fair Use

4.1. How and why the copyrighted work is being used

4.2. The content of the copyrighted work

4.3. How large of a portion and how sustainable the portion of the copyrighted work is

4.4. The effect the use has on the original copyrighted work

4.5. Electronic Frontier Foundation- Curriculum

5. How to Stay Updated on Copyright/ Fair Use



5.2. U.S. Copyright Office- Fair Use


5.3. U.S. Copyright Office- Standard Copyright