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1. Simplify360

1.1. Business model , products, metrices, physical presence req? best form of communication

1.1.1. Internal environment analysis

1.2. Value proposition

1.2.1. Value chain analysis

2. SWOT analysis

2.1. Feasibility decision

3. Competitor analysis

3.1. Competitor value proposition

3.1.1. Competitor presence in philippines

4. Target companies

4.1. Questionairre

4.1.1. Basic research Question modification and sample size UAI research

5. Strategy formulation and option selection

5.1. Evaluation criteria

5.1.1. Evaluation and final strategy Implementation plan Risk identification and mitigation

6. what is social media

6.1. usage of social media and details of analytic tools

6.1.1. Why philippines? usage of social media in philipines for business and personal use market and non market environment analysis of philippines( PESTE, PORTERS etc.)