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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Classification

1.1. Potential Energy

1.1.1. Stored energy that results from the position/shape of an object

1.1.2. Elastic PE= Objects that can be stretched or compressed

1.1.3. Example- The farther the string of a bow is stretched, the greater the elastic PE.

1.1.4. Gravitational PE= Weight x Height

1.1.5. Example- A skier at a higher height than another skier has greater gravitational potential energy // If a skier weighs more than another skier then the heavier skier has more gravitational PE.

1.2. Kinetic Energy

1.2.1. Energy obtained because of its motion

1.2.2. Ke= 1/2m v^2

1.2.3. Depends on mass and speed

1.2.4. Examples- Airplanes, baseball thrown, Travelling car

2. Sources of Energy

2.1. Law of conversation: The total energy of an isolated system remains constant.

2.2. Solar: Radiant energy released by the sun

2.3. Wind: Electrical energy from harnessing the wind using windmills/turbines

2.4. Geothermal: Energy created and stored in the Earth

2.5. Biomass: Energy from burning wood/other organic matter

3. Types of Energy

3.1. Atomic: Use of nuclear reactions mostly used to generate electricity,

3.2. Chemical: When bonds form in a chemical reactions often creating heat. Ex-Coal, Gas, etc.

3.3. Thermal: Energy in a system because of its temperature

3.4. Magnetic: Energy within the magnetic field, causes charged objects to either repel or attract

4. What is energy?

4.1. Property that is transferred from object to object to do work

4.2. The ability to do work

4.3. Power source