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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. The definition

1.1. The Ability to do work

1.1.1. The ability to produce motion

1.2. Can't be Destroyed

1.3. E=mc^2

1.3.1. Energy = mass x speed of light ^2

2. Forms of energy

2.1. Potential energy

2.1.1. All objects at rest store ___ energy Gravitational PE is when an object has the potential to fall when it is currently at rest. The higher an object is from the ground, the more potential movement gravity could affect it. The heavier an object is, the more potential movement gravity could affect it. GPE = weight x height Elastic potential energy is when an object is compressed or stretched, the object will want and apply force to return to a state where it can apply the least amount of force/PE The further stretched/compressed an object is, the more PE it has when the object is released. The further compressed/stretched an object is, the more PE another object will have when the stretched object is released.

2.1.2. The more velocity something has, the less PE it has.

2.1.3. PE = mgh (gravitational)

2.2. Kinetic energy

2.2.1. All objects in motion contain ___ energy All things have energy because they are in motion Gravity moves an object towards it because it is transferring energy to the object. Electrical energy is transferring electricity (energy) through a current from 1 place (battery) to another (ex: light bulb)

2.2.2. 1/2 Mass x Velocity^2 The more velocity something has, the more KE it contains. If the speed of an ball is doubled as much, the KE is increased by a factor of 4 A bowling ball rolling faster than another identical one has more KE. The more mass an object has than another traveling the same speed, the more KE it has An Object with a larger KE will transfer more energy as it stops An Object with more KE will continue to move longer than something with less.

3. Sources of energy

3.1. Renewable Energy

3.1.1. Thermal Energy Energy transferred from heat Solar Energy The ground (molten core)

3.1.2. Gravitational Energy Energy transferred from gravity Gravity pulls thing down

3.1.3. Light Energy Energy transferred in the form of light

3.1.4. Wind Energy Energy transferred when wind moves an object. sail Wind mill

3.2. Non-Renewable Energy

3.2.1. Electrical Energy that can be collected from/made into Electricity.

3.2.2. Mechanical Energy Energy that is transferred into moving an object Car A Push

3.2.3. Nuclear Energy Energy collected from the center of an atom Fission Fusion

3.2.4. Chemical Energy Energy that comes from chemicals Batteries Food