Australian Technologies Curriculum

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Australian Technologies Curriculum by Mind Map: Australian Technologies Curriculum

1. Aims

1.1. Curriculum objectives

1.1.1. Engage with technologies

1.1.2. Use traditional and modern technology and understand the development

1.1.3. Make informed and ethical choices about the use and impact of tech

1.1.4. Further engagement with, and use of, technology

1.2. Skills

1.2.1. Design and Technology Use different technologies and tools to manipulate materials and equipment

1.2.2. Digital Technology Use and manipulate digital systems

2. General capabilities

2.1. Literacy

2.2. Numeracy

2.3. ICT

2.4. Personal & Social capabilities

2.5. Ethical understanding

2.6. Intercultural Understanding

3. Cross Curriculum Priorities

3.1. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

3.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

3.3. Sustainability

4. Types of Technology

4.1. Design and Technology

4.1.1. Knowledge and understanding Technologies and societies Technological contexts Materials and technology specialisations Food and fibre production Engineering principles and systems Food technology

4.1.2. Process and production skills Critiquing, exploring and investigating Generating, developing and adapting ideas Planning, producing and evaluating solutions

4.2. Digital technology

4.2.1. Knowledge and understanding Digital systems Data representation Interactions and impact

4.2.2. Process and production skills Managing and analysing data Using digital systems Specifications, algorithms, and implementations Creating and interacting online

5. Allowances for diverse student types

5.1. Giften students-Greater content depth and understanding

5.2. ESL: Additional support as needed and allowances in technology used (e.g. programmes in native tongue, translation programmes

5.3. Students with disabilities

5.3.1. Intellectual disabilities: Catered for with additional support and programmes

5.3.2. Physical disabilities: Catered for with additional tools and support as needed, and specialised programmes

6. Bands

6.1. PP-Y2

6.2. Y3 & Y4

6.3. Y5 & Y6

6.4. Y7 & Y8