Technology Help

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Technology Help by Mind Map: Technology Help

1. Google Docs

1.1. Editing and collaborating to a wiki doc

1.2. Creating a Google account

2. Interact

2.1. Checking email history

2.2. Searching for usernames

3. CPS (Classroom Performance System)

3.1. Assigning clickers to students through the computer software system

3.2. Exporting numerical data into Easy Grade Pro

4. Microsoft Excel

4.1. Creating a formula

4.2. Presenting numerical data as a graph

5. Microsoft Powerpoint

5.1. Embedding a video

5.2. Adding transitions

6. Microsoft Word

6.1. Creating a brochure

6.2. Changing text features

7. WIX website creator

7.1. Adding multimedia

7.2. Frequent updates