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energy by Mind Map: energy

1. how is energy transformed from one object to the other?

1.1. energy is transformed when an object starts to be in motion or stops and isn't in motion.

1.1.1. for example, when you hold a ball in the air, it is potential energy. when you drop it, it transforms into kinetic energy.

2. what are the types of energy?

2.1. there is potential energy which is energy that is stored in an object or energy that is in something or someone.

2.1.1. chemical, nuclear, gravitational, and mechanical energy are the different types of potential energy. a teapot before the water boils in sound energy a swimming pool of water before it is heated is thermal energy. a cellphone that is turned off is radiant energy. your jaw before you chew food is potential energy in a human body.

2.2. there is kinetic energy which is energy that an object has because of its motion

2.2.1. radiant, thermal, sound, electrical, and mechanical (motion) energy are all the different types of kinetic energy. a hot cup of tea or the sun causing the atmosphere to get heated so the temperature gets warmer are thermal energy. when an electrical toaster heats the toast, the heat travels from the heating element onto the toast. heat from a light bulb. these are examples of radiant energy. examples of sound energy is,a buzzing bee, a clap, someones voice. lightning, battery in use, and headphones are some examples of electrical energy. wind, a flowing river, and a flying plane are some example of mechanical energy.

3. what is energy ?

3.1. energy is the ability to move something against a force such as gravity.

4. where does it come from ?

4.1. energy mainly comes from the sun.

4.1.1. our body gets energy from the plants. plants create food when a process called photosynthesis happens. photosynthesis is when the plant takes in light energy from the sun and that creates food. then the food that we eat from the plants is what gives our body energy.